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G10  Epoxy  laminated sheet are electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated epoxy resin binder by processing under pressure and heat. G10 added with  flame retardants agent comes FR-4


G10 material  is accordance with the following international standards:


IEC60893 EPGC201/NEMA LI-1:G10/DIN 7735 HGW 2372/BS 3953 EP-3


FR-4 is accordance with the following international standards:


IEC60893 EPGC202/NEMA LI-1:FR4/DIN 7735 HGW 2372.1/BS 3953 EP-4




g10 material properties

standard color  yellow, green
Fire Retardancy Grade: --UL94-V0
Flame Resistance:°C170-180
Voltage Resistance(penetrating)KV/mm18
Voltage ResistanceKV/mm12
Arc ResistanceS60-80
Volume resistivity:Ω*cm10 ^6
Surface resitance:Ω*cm10 ^6
Compressive Strength(Vertical):MPA≥350
Compressive StrengthMPA≥300
Anti-impact intensityKJ/ m2 ≥33
Bending strengthkg/mm2≥340
Dielectric constant (1MHz) :/5.4
Adhesive strength:kg700-900
Compressive strength(Horizontal):kg/mm220-24

Water absorption rate:

0.2-0.3± 0.0220± 0.5
0.4-0.7± 0.0325-30± 0.6
0.8-1.2± 0.0535-40± 1
1.5-2± 0.140-100± 1.5
3-6± 0.2  
8-12± 0.3  
15± 0.4  



Production Process


g10 material properties


Packaging & Shipping



g10 material properties

g10 material properties


Our products are mainly applied in: insulation parts for transformer , electronic apparatus  ,

water conservancy, switch gear,industrial furnace, semiconductor, Marine ,air, nuclear power,

insulation spacer,awater conservancy and hydropower.

 g10 material properties


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g10 material properties


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g10 material properties

  g10 material properties

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