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G11 panel owns the character of high temperature resistance,High-intensity,Flame-retardant grades to UL94-V0,high mechanical properties

and dielectric properties,good heat resistance, good-smoothness, etc. is the most stable one of the insulation board materials.

G11 panel is electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated epoxy resin binder by processing under pressure and heat. G10 added

with  flame retardants agent comes FR-4

G11 panel is accordance with the following international standards:

IEC60893 EPGC201/NEMA LI-1:G10/DIN 7735 HGW 2372/BS 3953 EP-3

FR-4 is accordance with the following international standards:

IEC60893 EPGC202/NEMA LI-1:FR4/DIN 7735 HGW 2372.1/BS 3953 EP-4


standard color  yellow, green
Fire Retardancy Grade: --UL94-V0
Flame Resistance:°C170-180
Voltage Resistance(penetrating)KV/mm18
Voltage ResistanceKV/mm12
Arc ResistanceS60-80
Volume resistivity:Ω*cm10 ^6
Surface resitance:Ω*cm10 ^6
Compressive Strength(Vertical):MPA≥350
Compressive StrengthMPA≥300
Anti-impact intensityKJ/ m2 ≥33
Bending strengthkg/mm2≥340
Dielectric constant (1MHz) :/5.4
Adhesive strength:kg700-900
Compressive strength(Horizontal):kg/mm220-24
Water absorption rate:%0.07-0.12

 Normal thickness

0.2-0.3± 0.0220± 0.5
0.4-0.7± 0.0325-30± 0.6
0.8-1.2± 0.0535-40± 1
1.5-2± 0.140-100± 1.5
3-6± 0.2  
8-12± 0.3  
15± 0.4  



2).Size: 1030x1230mm,  1030*1030

3).Payment terms: T/T or L/C in sight 

5).Package: wooden pallet,Carton or according to customer requirements.

6).Delivery time:10-20 days.

8). standard color: yellow, green ,black,red, light green.brown,orange.We can also offer other colors  according to  the requirements of customers .



4. Applications:

Our products are mainly applied in: insulation parts for transformer , electronic apparatus  , water conservancy, switch gear,industrial furnace, semiconductor, Marine ,air, nuclear power,insulation spacer,awater conservancy and hydropower.


5.Customize service

We have our senior engineers team and introducing the advanced technology and equipment (carving machines, CNC machine and machining center,Lathe,Milling machine, routing machine,threading machine,board cutting maching etc.) to make products according to costomer drawing ,data ,or samples and so on .