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Unsaturation Polyester Glass Mat Laminated Sheet(UPGM203, NEMA GPO3) is made of several layers glass mat impregnated with unsaturation polyester resin by processing under heat and pressure, the natural color is typically red which has excellent arc and track resistance. It can be used as insulation part in motors, arc clapboard in the switches and so on.

(1)Good electronic performance under high temperature,good performance for anti leakage of electronic

(2)Arc resistence could reach more than 180°C

(3)flame-retardant grade could reach 94-V0, thermal endurance class could reach F grade(More than 160°C)

(4)It is the advance retardant ,anti-impact and anti corrosion material in these recent years

Base Materialglass fiber chopped strand mat+ epoxy resin
ItemTesting methodUnitResult
Fire Retardancy GradeA --94-V0
Dielectric constantC-96/20/65 (in 25 °C oil)KV/mm14(OK)
Volume ResistivityC-96/20/65 Ω5*10^11-10^12
Volume ResistivityC-96/20/65  +C-96/40/95Ω5*10^11-10^12
Surface ResitanceC-96/20/65Ω5*10^10-10^12
Surface ResitanceC-96/20/65 +C-96/40/90Ω5*10^11-10^12
Insulation ResistanceC-96/20/65Ω-cm5*10^10-10^11
Insulation ResistanceC-96/20/65 +D-2/100Ω-cm10^8-10^9
Permittivity(1MHZ)C-96/20/65  --4.0-5.0
Permittivity(1MHZ)C-96/20/65 +D-48/50 --4.5-5.5
Dissipation Factor(1MHZ)C-96/20/65  --0.035-0.045
Dissipation Factor(1MHZ)C-96/20/65 +D-48/50 --0.04-0.05
Bending strength(Horizontal)Akg/mm2 38-45
Heat Resistance(120min)A°C200(OK)
Anti-impact intensity(Parrallellable)Akg-cm/cm2 --
Adhesive strengthAkg --
Compressive strength(Vertical)Akg/mm2 --
Compressive strength(Horizontal)Akg/mm2 --
Water absorption rateE-24/50 +D-24/23%0.05-0.07
Acetone ResistanceboiledMin30(OK)
Punching ForceA°C20



1. Power Type Power supply: high-voltage inverter, inverter, high voltage switchgear and other high-quality primary insulation material, used as columns, beams, trunking and so on.
2. Breaker: Security fence, security shutters, interval pads, white clapboard, arc interrupter compartment panels.
3.Motor: The motor armature parts, activities cover the stator wedge, fixed gaskets, shims, carbon brush holder and so on.
4. Switching Equipment: partition system front and back, top, bottom, white clapboard and so on.
5. Other: arc-resistant structures.
6. insulating supports.


1. Area: 1000mm*2000mm or customize

2. Packing: In Pallet

3. Min Qty: 500kg

4.Thickness: 0.5mm~50mm, thickness over 50mm is also available, please contact our sales for the detail information

4.Customize service

We have our senior engineers team and advanced technology and equipment (carving machines, CNC machine and machining center,Lathe,Milling machine, routing machine,threading machine,board cutting maching etc.) to make products according to costomer drawing ,data ,or samples and so on . we commit myself to provide the best solution for Non-metal material processing .

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