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Carbon fiber

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Description of goods





   ID x OD(mm)

   regular size 


  carbon fiber tube

3k plain woven carbon fiber


   winding process

        φ7 x φ8

        φ8 x φ10

        φ10 x φ12

        φ11 x φ17

        φ12 x φ15

3k twill woven carbon fiber

        φ13 x φ16

        φ14 x φ16

        φ15 x φ17

        φ17 x φ19

        φ18 x φ20

        φ19 x φ22

woven carbon fiber

        φ22.4 x φ25.4

        φ27 x φ30

        φ28 x φ30

        φ29x φ35

UD carbon fiber

        φ30 x φ36

        φ88 x φ91

        φ232 x φ236

        φ300 x φ304


 We also provide customized





  Goold looking

 Durable Performance


 Sporting Goods

   Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel

 Excellent Structural Properties

 Light Aircraft Tubing


  High Strength

 Environmentally Safe


 Robotic Arms & Supports

 High Corrosion Resistance


 Advertising Panels

 Power Generation

  Superior Dimensional Stability

 Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic

 Corrosion Resistant Equipment Marine


 Wide Temperature Range Use

 Ease Of Fabrication & Installation

 Photography & Sound Booms